PSG – OM (2-1) / The strange silence of the Parc des Princes: “There was no atmosphere,” regrets Marquinhos

From our special correspondent at Parc des Princes,

We often measure the importance of certain sounds as they disappear. That Sunday, the silence in the Parc des Princes was sometimes deafening. Above all, it had probative value: without the Collectif Ultras Paris and the Auteuil curve, the Parc des Princes no longer has much royal character. Even with 46,000 spectators and a poster that is supposed to bring tinnitus. This Sunday our ears are alive and well.

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However, it was to be expected. As announced since mid-week, Collectif Ultras Paris had decided to continue their encouragement strike to further highlight the club’s lack of response to their numerous requests. They kept their word. At around 7:30 p.m., they walked together in front of the Auteuil grandstand. Without singing, without shouting, without encouraging. Once in place, they simply unveiled the same banner as against Lorient: “1991 REVOLUTION AUTEUIL‘, but backwards.

Still, PSG had decided to activate the sensitive chord with a push from Pedro Miguel Pauleta and Marie-Antoinette Katoto. In welcoming the CUP, the Portuguese received an ovation that almost no player in the current squad can claim to have known at the park. The big shower was over. The rest ? Whistles for OM players, boos for Neymar when the compositions are announced.

Pedro Miguel Pauleta, who received an ovation from the park, the only moment of celebration on Sunday against OM

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Lifeless matchstick, lethargic stands

The time was inevitably long and we sometimes heard flies fly that Sunday. This season, especially in the Champions League, the CUP has been a match blaster but also a common thread that has always been present in the background. Otherwise, the clash exuded the false air of summer pre-season games, with the light of fine weather falling on the Parc des Princes and an audience made up of curious spectators rather than inhabited supporters.

There were a few moments of collective euphoria, such as Neymar’s goal (11′) or the ovations reserved for Kylian Mbappé when he left (90’+1′). A few moments of esprit de corps, too, when Mattéo Guendouzi or Dimitri Payet were entitled to special preferential treatment. But otherwise it was a strange spectacle, a collection of onomatopoeia and cries more than a symphony of song and encouragement. A state that was certainly not shaken by a lethargic game, without rhythm and without great chances (no shots in the second period for PSG!). In these conditions it is difficult to set fire to the stands.

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There was no atmosphereHe recognized Marquinhos, seventeen duels against OM on the clock, on the Prime Video microphone. To be honest I didn’t expect it, it was a classicIn this case, the Paris captain, who was sometimes seen addressing the crowd during the game, did not seem to understand the extent of the discomfort.

It’s a game where, in my opinion, you have to put everything asidehe still appreciated. Now wasn’t the time. We get it, they have their arguments, especially if they haven’t gotten an answer yet. But pride and pride had to be set aside tonight. They made their choice, but as a player, I disagree“. A feeling shared by his coach Mauricio Pochettino, who was also refereed a lot early in the game.”In the last few games, after being eliminated from the Champions League, the fans vented their angerhe rewound at a press conference. I always say freedom of speech allows it. You have the freedom to express it however you want. But I think for a 90 minute game you could put that aside. Unfortunately this is not the case and I cannot change it.“.

A 10th title without celebrations?

For its part, the CUP, through the voice of its President Romain Mabille, confirmed that the break between PSG and its supporters was waiting. “There is no communication at club level that has been madehe explained before the game in an interview with France Bleu. No step towards us, no announcement, no questions. […] We made a press release with demands: Nothing has changed at the level of the club’s management. We feel no desire on the part of the club to move things forward“.

So can we consider a new coronation without Auteuil’s encouragement? “I just have to do my job and try everything to give the club their tenth Ligue 1 title.Pochettino advanced regarding the continuation of the movement. In my opinion, that is underestimated and is very important for the history of the club. We are all together and we hope to live it in the best way, may the joy be shared with all“.

Except that the CUP doesn’t necessarily hear it that way. For them, it’s not just about the title, but also about identity and a sporting project that needs to be redefined. So, OM or not, not much changes. “We’re the first to be disgusted at not singing this year-endexplained the president of the collective. We are happy about the tenth title. Apart from the fact that we cannot be happy in the current situation. We’d rather punish ourselves for the good of the club and hope things change than go to the stadium and pretend it’s nothing just because it’s Marseille“. It was seen. Or rather, it was heard. Like what, silence can say a lot …

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