Passengers were stuck at Toulouse airport for 24 hours due to strikes at Volotea

About sixty passengers on the Toulouse-Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) flight have been stranded at Toulouse airport since yesterday. Volotea flight attendants have called for a strike over the Easter weekend.

The holiday starts very badly for these passengers. After all, when they set out for the Canary Islands, they did not leave French soil. Your flight V72570, scheduled at 7pm yesterday Sunday and chartered by Volotea, was canceled at check-in.

Since then, these castaways from the sky have had no news from the airline. After waiting hours in front of the Volotea counter for a hypothetical flight, they ended up spending a night in a hotel near the airport.

Yesterday the company told us there was a flight leaving this morning but at 10am still nothing. After all, we’re still stuck here with no news. The ground crew has no information.

Laurent, passenger on the canceled flight

For the Easter weekend and April 23 and 24, two strike calls were launched by the crew and pilots of the Volotea company. These employees terminate their swages and their working conditions.

As a result of this protest movement, hundreds of flights have been canceled or postponed. In the social networks, many passengers are overwhelmed with the situation.

We understand the demands of Volotea employees, but we are the collateral damage of this strike. We’ve already lost two vacation days.

Laurent, passenger on the canceled flight

Laurent, who left Mayenne with his wife and two children, patiently accepts his worries, but the endless waiting is beginning to get on his nerves. Same feeling for passengers who want to return to Toulouse. They face the same redirection problems.

These passengers will remember their departure for vacation for a long time. Many have their return flight with the same company. In these conditions it is difficult to fully enjoy your holiday. They have already planned to claim compensation for the inconvenience caused.

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