OurFamily VC 6 cordless hand vacuum cleaner test: Kärcher rhymes economy with efficiency

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

user friendliness

The Kärcher VC6 OurFamily is a stick vacuum cleaner in stick format. This means the manufacturer has placed the heavy elements such as the motor, waste bin and filtration system close to the user’s wrist. This makes it easier to maneuver the device in all directions, with or without the suction tube installed, to get into hard-to-reach places such as e.g. B. to dust ceiling lights or upper room corners.

In general, Guillaume is a Leica and not a Kärcher...

In general, Guillaume is a Leica and not a Kärcher…

Aesthetically, the VC6 OurFamily can hardly deny its “caring” origins. The yellow and black trim is included and only the brushed metal intake manifold is not painted in the manufacturer’s colors. More importantly, the whole thing also seems to meet German quality standards. The plastic feels strong and is ready to endure long hours of cleaning. The mechanisms that hold the various pieces together work well and are as easy to snap on as they are to disengage.

With a weight of 1.59 kg in hand-held vacuum mode, the Kärcher VC6 is on average for the other models in our comparison. Equipped with the tube and the suction head, it weighs 2.61 kg, with the majority of its weight being supported by the ground. As a result, it does not weigh too heavily on the arm, even during long cleaning processes.

The suction head VC6 and its diodes.

The suction head VC6 and its diodes.

An element that further facilitates its use is the suction head of the Karcher VC6, which is very flexible. As a result, it changes effortlessly and on the very rare occasions when we did skid, it was on very sudden and very tight changes of direction. Another satisfaction is the LED ramp at the front, which lights up under the furniture but also on dark floors. So you can see the smallest dirt on the floor at a glance.

As a stick vacuum, the VC6 OurFamily uses a pressure trigger to start vacuuming. Maintaining the pressure is enough for the machine to keep working, a method widely recognized among the other devices in our comparison. It allows you to gain a little autonomy since the motor (and therefore the battery) is no longer used if you let go of the handle to move a piece of furniture or jewelry while cleaning.

The latch locks the trigger for continuous vacuuming.

The latch locks the trigger for continuous vacuuming.

On the other hand, this mode tends to tire the wrist as it must be kept closed or the vacuum cleaner will stop. To avoid painful tension, Kärcher has provided a small pawl near the trigger to block it. It is very easy to use and it is very easy to switch from fractional suction to continuous suction with a simple flick of the thumb. The only other control button, located on the back of the VC6, allows you to activate Boost mode. In short, you master everything very quickly.

Houston, we have a problem...

Houston, we have a problem…

Kärcher didn’t think it would make sense to give an exact indication of the remaining autonomy. It is therefore necessary to settle for a trio of diodes, which is of very little use when planning your cleaning session. On the other hand, there is again a summarizing diagnosis system consisting of three LEDs. In the event of an incident, they light up red and indicate where the problem is (on the engine block, intake manifold or head) thanks to a diagram of the VC6 placed nearby. None of this is revolutionary, but we appreciate his presence nonetheless.

Kärcher offers very few accessories.

Kärcher offers very few accessories.

When it comes to accessories, we are known to be more generous than Kärcher. As well as the VC6 itself, the box includes a crevice tool, a fabric brush and that’s it. A mini electric brush for vacuuming armchairs or sofas would not have been too much.

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5


The Kärcher VC6 OurFamily performs very well on all floor types.

Even on our shaggy carpet, which is usually difficult to clean, it harvests 97% of the rice in 2 minutes of vacuuming in normal mode and 99% in boost mode. This makes it one of the most effective stick vacuum cleaners on this surface.

On fine carpet, the rotating brush tends to push the rice backwards, which explains why on this type of floor (in normal mode or in boost mode) it “only” picks up 98% of the rice in 30 seconds and you have to for 60 seconds vacuum to achieve a perfect result.

Finally, on hard floors, the Kärcher VC6 OurFamily leaves spotless ground in 30 seconds in Boost mode, but, again because of the brush, only collects 98% of the dirt in 30 seconds in Normal mode.

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5


There is nothing original about emptying the collector of the VC6 OurFamily since it is necessary to press a button placed on the wall of the collector. This releases the hinged bottom and the dust falls into the bin. This method is less innovative than Dyson’s point and shoot system, but still avoids dust staining your hands during the process.

We had bad memories of the VC 5 Cordless Premium’s cyclonic filtration. That of the VC6 OurFamily is much more efficient, even if it’s not perfect. In fact, after swallowing 20 grams of cocoa powder with a vacuum cleaner, we weighed the foam filter and HEPA filter with a precision scale. If the second did not gain weight, then the first was loaded with 0.092 g. This amount may seem insignificant, but it does mean that the foam filter needs regular maintenance to keep it from becoming saturated with particulate matter. Clogging the pores would greatly reduce the suction power of the VC6.

The disassembled Kärcher VC6.

The disassembled Kärcher VC6.

Luckily, it’s very easy to remove from the main body by pulling it under the collector. The device does not even have to be disassembled for this. This also applies to cleaning the HEPA filter, which is mounted on the piece that attaches magnetically to the back of the device and also serves as a button to activate Boost mode. You can’t separate the waste bin from the rest of the VC6, but it’s still possible to pull out the part that creates the cyclone in the collector to clean it.

It is impossible to disassemble the suction head to access the brush without tools.

It is impossible to disassemble the suction head to access the brush without tools.

To remove the brush from the suction head you have to unlock a latch and it’s impossible to play without a tool like a coin or a dipper stick. We know a lot more practice. In addition, the part that holds everything in place is not attached to the head, so it is extra necessary to be careful not to lose it when removing long hair or tangled hair.

Editor's Rating: 3 out of 5


When used at normal power, the VC6 OurFamily can last 50 min 45 s without a break, making it one of the most enduring models in this configuration.

Of course, it is less enduring if you switch on the turbo mode, as it only runs out of breath after 12 minutes and 10 seconds. Despite this, we have seen many other stick vacuums whose autonomy was shorter in turbo mode.

The storage base is also used for charging.

The storage base is also used for charging.

It takes more than three hours (exactly 195 minutes) to fully charge the VC6 batteries. Good point, the wall mount used for storage is equipped with electrical connections. Simply put down the stick vacuum cleaner to start operation. Not disturbing, the less DIY-minded among us will be pleased to learn that there is no need to repair the base to continue charging. In fact, the socket to be connected to the transformer is on the removable battery. So we can simply connect the VC6 or just its battery to restore its energy. A real plus, very practical!

You can leave the battery in its slot or remove it to charge.

You can leave the battery in its slot or remove it to charge.

Points cont

  • Good suction power on all floor types.

  • Choice of fractional or continuous suction.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Included sound level.

weak points

  • Inaccurate autonomy indicators.

  • Few accessories available.


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Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

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By relying on technologies that are now well-known, Kärcher ensures that its VC6 stick vacuum cleaner has no major design flaws. Admittedly, the remaining battery display is reduced to its simplest expression and many a competitor’s stick vacuum cleaner convinces with additional features or more extensive accessories. The VC6 still benefits from some welcome additions (notably the suction mode selector), but it’s mostly its effectiveness on all types of floors that largely speaks for itself.

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