Maeva Ghennam in tears: Akram left her, reasons revealed (VIDEO)

Reality TV’s most famous assistant is no more… In fact, Maeva Ghennam was speaking out on her social networks this weekend. Rumors about his alleged violence against his grandmother have been spread by several bloggers in recent days. But also about his heated argument with his best friend and employee Akram! As a reminder, the young man, stylist, had followed the candidate Marseilles from W9 in Dubai to become his personal assistant. The two accomplices spent their lives together under the sun of the city of the Emirates. He also appeared in most of Greg Yega’s ex-darling stories. Unfortunately, a falling out would have erupted between the happy duo, forcing the man to make a radical decision, to the sulfurous brunette’s great misfortune… The starlet broke the horrifying news on her Snapchat account.

It’s the end of the Maeva/Akram duo, it’s official!

It all started when blogger Shayara_tv claimed there was a violent altercation between Maeva Ghennam and Akram. The reality TV candidate confirmed that she had blocked her best friend on social networks. Also, according to several gossip reports, his assistant stylist defended the influencer’s grandmother during the famous argument… Also, Hicham, Maeva’s ex, approached the young man a few days earlier. Advising him to stop wasting his fashion talent on the young woman and to return to France to focus on his career as a personal shopper… So would he have listened to her? Yes, according to the very surprising announcement made by the two friends, this Sunday April 17, 2022 Snapchat.

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“I’ve never betrayed him in all the years I’ve worked with Akram, it’s mainly because he’s one of the people I trust the most. I accept his decision, which is his.” revealed tearfully Maeva Ghennam in her story. Alongside him, Akram, who was affected by his decision, also added: “I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks (…) has nothing to do with Maeva, it has nothing to do with me, with my future life (…) I see my future in France, with a normal job, far from social networks . It’s a personal perspective, I didn’t see myself again in Dubai, I announced it to Maeva, it was very hard, she was in pain., he concluded. It is therefore the end of this professional collaboration, but fortunately not friendly!

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