Loire-Atlantique: A lottery winner fails to claim his €6 million prize… and loses it

It is too late. A lottery winner failed to show up in time to collect his prize and missed out on €6m, according to specialist website Tirage-gagnant. The deadline was set at midnight on Friday night. The sum is therefore not paid by the Française des jeux, despite several wanted reports and appeals in the local media.

On February 12th, a total of 12 million euros was at stake, two people found the winning combination: 45, 22, 28, 40, 37 and the chance number 10. One of them, who was in the Dordogne department, claimed his winnings. For the others, therefore, it is a failure.

71 million goes unclaimed each year

It’s quite rare that a winner doesn’t show up. The Tirage-gagant site believes that most players are familiar with the rules. If the winnings from My Million, a game related to EuroMillions and less big, sometimes go unclaimed, the previous case of untimely known big lottery winners dates back to 2011 at €8 million. It was in the village of La Chaise-Dieu (Haute-Loire).

However, the 6 million euros lost by a Loire-Atlantique resident last weekend seems modest compared to the amounts unclaimed in the United Kingdom or the United States. The equivalent of 80 million euros was not requested via the channel after a EuroMillions draw in 2012. Across the Atlantic, no less than €71 million was lost by a Powerball lottery winner.

Draw-Gain recalls that “several million euros, 71 million in 2021, are unreclaimed each year, including Loto, EuroMillions, Keno, Amigo or scratch card winnings”. These are usually rather modest sums, viewed in isolation.

On Saturday night, a person won a €20 million Loto jackpot. This amount was reached after seven draws without a winner. This is the 8th largest amount in the history of the game, the amount is not lost as the win grid was played online. The correct combination was: 4, 21, 27, 30, 41 and the lucky number 6

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