Ilona Smet pregnant and newly married: first photo after the ceremony, the very round belly

From her native Normandy, she aspired to a much more exciting life. Tired of butter, cider and cows, settling in Paris changed her life… Feeling closer and connected to all her favorite stars that almost nobody in her Normandy knows… Apart from Amandine Petit of course, Miss Normandy and Miss France !

On Saturday April 16, 2022, Ilona Smet married in the south of France, a marriage that took place while the daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday was pregnant with their first child. The expectant mother appeared radiant on Instagram on Monday.

Ilona Smet has officially been Mrs. Kamran Ahmed for two days. The young 26-year-old model married her longtime lover in Vaucluse on Saturday April 17, 2022 at the Lacoste town hall. information from our colleagues The day after this big announcement, the daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday posted a photo of her on her Instagram page.

Ilona Smet does not show herself in her wedding dress, but in a small, light and summery outfit. Johnny Hallyday’s little girl is beaming in sandals and sunglasses. This photo is also an opportunity to discover that Ilona Smet’s belly has grown again. Pregnant with her first child, the mother-to-be gently puts her hand under her baby bump very round. “Full stomach and full heart‘ she wrote in the caption to testify to her immense happiness at the moment.

After the publication of this photo, Ilona Smet received many reactions, especially from her family. Estelle Lefébure, who is undoubtedly looking forward to becoming a grandmother, responded with four red hearts. A red heart also on the side of Laura Smet, Ilona’s aunt.

Last February, the sublime model announced she was pregnant with her first child, a pregnancy that was well advanced. “I’ve wanted to start a family for a long time. We’re floating on cloud nine. I am happy. Knowing that a second heart is beating inside me is a special feeling, a unique experience. Like an unknown world‘ she later explained grace.

Ilona Smet and Kamran Ahmed have been together for almost ten years. They had announced their engagement in September 2021, the young woman had shared two photos of what she considers the man of her life during a holiday by the sea and we could also see her beautiful ring.

Given in an interview Paris match In 2017, Ilona Smet confided in the birth of her love affair with Haram. “We met in the south of France when I was still in high school. I was 17 and in high school. He was 18 and had just graduated“, she had said to Johnny Hallyday’s granddaughter at the time. Very quickly, Ilona saw that things were going to get serious with her lover: “He was my first flirtation and we are fortunate to grow in the same direction. I want stability, a lifelong love affair.“And Ilona Smet was not wrong…

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