Héloïse Martin is pregnant with her first child! Photos of her already very round belly

A contestant in 2018 in duo with Christophe Licata, she came fourth in Season 9 of the show, surpassed only by Clément Rémiens, Iris Mittenaere and Terence Telle. The latter, who was very happy for her, even commented: “But how many episodes did I miss?‘ which made everyone laugh. The dancers also unanimously congratulated her, including Chris Marques, Emmanuelle Berne and of course Denitsa Ikonomova.

It must be said that the friendship with the Bulgarian dancer was even older: a few months earlier, on the set of tamara 2She had come to help prepare a tango scene between Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti, her alleged boyfriend and ex-partner from DALS. If relations between the actor and the dancer have cooled today, friendship always seems to be important with Héloïse Martin!

However, Héloïse Martin had not appreciated all aspects of her passage in DALS, too often criticized for her physique and curves. “I could read very nasty tweets about my outfits, my physique about the bonuses and even today since I left“, she explained. Very positive though, she managed to make it positive: “Honestly, this really blows my mind! This show helped me stop considering negative comments. They used to make me sad, now I laugh about them“.

Héloïse Martin, happy in her body as in her private life, will take advantage of these few months with her mysterious lover whose name we don’t know and focus on this little baby who will join her family. And we wish him the best of luck!

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