Eliminated, a contestant re-enters the game after making a mistake

Mistakes, everyone makes them. But when they appear on TV, it’s much more immediately noticeable. This Friday, a small dumpling was committed by the teams on TF1 12 o’clock shots. During the blow-by-blow test, midi master Maël answered the question “Which neighboring country was Alsace annexed in 1871?” “. His answer: Prussia, validated by production.

“It was this war that led to the unification of Germany, but it was still Prussia that started this war,” reasoned the candidate, while Jean-Luc Reichmann paused in the game to verify this statement, since on his tablet “Germany” was displayed as the correct answer. After a few seconds of hesitation, the show’s voiceover confirmed this claim and the hand therefore passed to Maël’s contender. But it shouldn’t have happened that way.

“In a hurry we validated”

This Saturday, Jean-Luc Reichmann started his show with the presentation of Margaux, the candidate who bowed to the noon master the day before. “Yesterday we spent ten hours on an 1871 dispute between Prussia and Germany. To be perfectly honest, you stood by us,” Jean-Luc Reichmann said to Maël. “But the Topette Company searched, searched, searched… We accepted the answer, but we were a few days from 1871,” explained the host.

“Margaux, we said to ourselves that, exceptionally, we will invite you back very soon, as soon as possible, because for us justice comes first,” said Jean-Luc Reichmann, who gave the floor to Zette at the end of this story.

“Germany became Germany at the end of January 1871 and although ruled by the King of Prussia, by the time of the Anschluss it was already Germany! The word “Prussia” was not appropriate and we are in a hurry, we have confirmed,” the off-commentary regretted the show. Viewers will therefore soon find Margaux. She may fight Maël again if he is still Lord of Noon.

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